Vitafon - vibroacoustic therapy

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Vitafon - vibroacoustic therapy

Biological microvibrations are the indispensable resource for life and health

All is medicine and all is poison, the point is the dose It has been considered for a long time that vibration is a damaging factor. Many people know well vibration disease. Vibratory massage devices are well known; they may be used only by the healthy people and not for a long time. As the scientists have discovered at the beginning of the XXIth century microvibration not only does no harm for the organism but is also an indispensable precondition for the life of Metazoa. Microvibration is a deficit resource for all warm-blood animals also as heat.

Type Amplitude, mm Frequency, Hz
Vibration 0 - 10 0 – 100000
Biological microvibration 0,0001– 0.05 0 – 10 000

Heat is indispensable for intermolecular interactions. Microvibration is required for intercellular interactions. Microvibrations are generated by contraction of even only one muscle cell in the tissues of the human organism. When contracting, milliards of muscle cells provide the tissues with the necessary microvibration. The muscle cell consumes the stored biochemical energy for its contraction. Therefore, microvibrations are always lacking in the organism and the anatomical structure of the human and animal organism is wonderfully adapted for rational generation and transmission of microvibration caused by the muscular activity.